It is a specialized branch in eye diseases that deals with non-cancerous and cancerous tumors of the eye. Read more

Retinoblastoma is the most common eye cancer in children. Early diagnosis and optimal treatment can save life, eye and vision. Read more

It is an eye specialty that focuses on plastic surgery of the structures in and around the eyes including eyelids, orbit, tear ducts and face. It includes reconstructive and corrective surgeries of these delicate structures. Read more

Children can be afflicted by many eye diseases. They may be born with or many develop cataracts, glaucoma or other problems. More commonly children may need glasses to see more clearly or intervention for misaligned eyes or poor visual development in one eye. Read more

Incorporating eye health as a part of regular health check ups helps in identifying the common and the not so common ailments of the eye. Our vision care services will attend to the common eye problems including refractive error and dispensing glasses. Read more

Ocularistry is the art of creating a natural looking artificial eye in their absence. The custom artificial eye is an impression of an eye fitted to match the normal eye, to make it appear more natural and provide maximum motility and comfort. Read more